Ration Mix is a program designed to simplify and provide a great help to the formulator when performing complex mathematical problems, using the power of computer systems.

With an intuitive interface, using alerts and colors

Has been the work of several years of experience with hundreds of users through continuous feedback that have made the experience of using this program even better

It is an excellent program for people who are entering for the first time into the field of ration formulation and experts also will find an excellent tool

  • Friendly interface and easy to learn
  • Beefmagazine 2011 database, multiple databases are allowed and totally personalizables
  • Up to 1000 ingredients with up to 150 nutrients each
  • Allows nutrients calculated from other (formulas)
  • Copy of ingredients to modify data without damaging the original
  • Formulas up to 45 nutrient  x 45 ingredients minimum and maximum limits
  • Up to 10 relationships between nutrients (Ratios)
  • Saving formula as a new ingredient
  • Allows evaluation of diets entering the values ​​manually and you can see the nutritional content.
  • Formula Storage
  • Generation and export reports in PDF format and Excel
  • Results graph
  • Backup options
Other advantages:
  • It is a versatile program that can be customized to any animal species, with the units or tables that are preferred by the user.
  • User Manual and Tutorial
  • Support using the technological tools available, Email, Chat, VoIP, Skype, and remote access
  • Reliable results, compared with many reputable programs
  • Formulate a balanced diet to achieve the lowest cost, meeting the requirements necessary for the animal according to its productive state and expected earnings.
  • Possibility of incorporating unconventional or byproducts.
  • Being able to analyze ingredients purchase prices and know its viability in the formulation

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Licence Cost

Permanent Licence  120 US Dollars, (Discount 30%) for students

6 months licence      45 US Dollars

12 months licence    60 US Dollars


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